What is OceanTen ?

Imagine the possibility of earning extra income while you work (And yes, this also means you reading this email!!) or better still, if you are unemployed or an NYSC corper, this will be very appealing to you. This is what Oceanten stands for. OceanTen allows you to earn additional revenue regardless of your employment status. Earn an income by promoting the services on the OceanTen platform to the people around you. The objective is to earn points (rewards) and money for carrying out simple tasks within your convenience on the platform. These tasks are basically steps in a sales process designed to help our clients sell their products.

How to Earn Rewards or Points:

There are five stages you need to go through and complete, as a Virtual Sales Executive. The expected activity is simple and clear. However you will be assigned a virtual sales manager (VSM) who gets to vet and approve your activities per time as a virtual sales executive (VSE). You get rewarded per stage and the reward comes per activity e.g. if you closed two deals from different leads, you get rewarded for each deal separately, for stage1 through 5. All activities MUST be entered on the portal at every stage and you can check your dashboard for your current points earned and how much it translates into.

Points Conversion:

Points are converted into a pay-out after STAGE 2 of your tasks and then at STAGE 5 at the completion of all your tasks.

Your Next Step:

If you have not signed up, please click on www.oceanten.com/register. If you have already signed up, your next step will be to complete the on-boarding process. On the portal, there is a training portion and you have to complete it and pass the assessment test to be able to access your dashboard.


Reward Table:

1 GENERATE LEADS Identify and comfirm readiness of prospect to be engaged in communication 1 1000
2 ENGAGE LEADS Actualize Meetings and Discussions 1.5 1500
3 PROSPECT/PROPOSAL Translate discussion to specific opportunity(ies) 1.5 1500
4 QUOTE Prepare/deliver proposal and follow up Quote 1 1000
4 CLOSE WIN 2 2000 (BONUS)

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