Nigeria’s First Virtual Service Platform

Earn More

Make more money. It is that simple. OceanTen allows you to earn extra income by earning points based on tasks performed on the platform.

Monetize Your Social Value

All you need to do is look around you. Who do you know that will require the services of the clients we serve?

Easy Points, More Money

The OceanTen platform allows you to earn points by carrying out certain tasks for our clients. For each point you make, your wallet grows fatter!

Make it happen Anywhere
You Are

You can earn points from anywhere you are. When you are through with your training, you find out that you are not limited by geography.

You can have it all

Are you currently employed or not? It does not matter. With OceanTen, you can still earn points for carrying out tasks while in gainful employment.

Mentorship & Training

You will not be alone on this journey. Receive trainings, documentation and mentorship support from our seasoned people!

How it works

  • 1

    Sign Up.

    Click Register and register easily

  • 2

    Get trained.

    Learn more about our clients’ products and services so you can educate the next person easily.

  • 3

    Get A Mentor Assigned.

    You will be assigned a Virtual Mentor who will guide you on how to proceed.

  • 4

    Earn Money.

    Complete the assigned tasks on the portal and earn cash.

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How Do I Get Started?

Simple. Click Register and sign up with your basic information

How Do I Get Paid?

OceanTen allows you to carry out tasks on behalf of its clients and gather points. These points are the equivalent of cash and you can redeem your points at regular intervals.

How Much Do I Stand To Earn?

You can earn as much as possible if you are able to talk to enough people (or organizations) about our clients’ products and services and you earn even more if you can close the sales.

What Happens If I don’t Close A Deal?

There are several steps or tasks you need to fulfill before your contact purchases our clients’ products. Each completed task earns you a point there-fore you still earn something even if the sale is not made. But remember, the biggest rewards come with closing the sale.

Now that you know how to earn money on the Side
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